My Sports Conundrum!

Great news! Danville’s George Washington Eagles are playing for the VA state boys basketball title this Saturday! They defeated Booker T. Washington by a score of 67-61 per the Register & Bee.

So why did I choose the title for this post that I chose? It’s great that the Eagles have a chance to bring lots of attention to our region, leave their mark on history, and bring a trophy home to brag about. I have been a Danville resident for the past 14 years, my wife is from Danville, and I have made a very nice home and life for myself here. It’s a really great place to live. I want only the best for Danville. The only problem is that the Eagles are playing against my alma mater, the Highland Springs Springers! So I am totally confused! Am I still a Springer at heart who bleeds black and gold even though I haven’t been to any of their sporting events since I played for their tennis team in 1993? Or do I cheer for the hometown heroes, the GW Eagles, some of whose parents are members of our credit union and whose children might be applying for the new Dr. Harold Henry Scholarship, and whose teachers are members of our credit union.

I will choose to think of it as a win-win situation. Either way I can celebrate, either for my new home town of Danville, or my old home town of Highland Springs. The great thing really is that all these kids are playing their hearts out to try and do something great. So lets all take note and cheer them on to victory whoever you are pulling for(publicly or privately).

-Dan Veasey
Piedmont Credit Union

F.Y.I.: For all you GW fans who want to “know your enemy” Here’s a link to some history on Highland Springs, VA. Highland Springs HS school website here. The Game will be broadcast on WBTM 1330 at 5:00pm.

One Response to My Sports Conundrum!

  1. Dan Veasey says:

    Congrats to the Highland Springs Springers who played some really great defense in their championship win over GW. Overall it was a fantastic job by Danville’s GW Eagles for going so far and representing our area so well!
    -Dan Veasey

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