New Future Neighbors at Coleman Marketplace

coleman_sign.jpgPiedmont Credit Union will get some new neighbors this time next year. There has been a buzz around town the last few weeks about the new Coleman Marketplace. From the big names on the sign it’s easy to see why. The Register & Bee reported this week that the developers expect shoppers to drive upwards of 1 hour just to shop in Danville. I can believe that. When I first came to Danville in 1993 I asked, along with the rest of Averett’s class of ’97, “What is there to do here?” The answer: Drive to Greensboro. Danville residents will be doing less driving thanks to Coleman Marketplace which is just a stone’s throw across Piney Forest Road from our credit union. Click here and take a second to let us know which store you’re most likely to be visiting next summer.


2 Responses to New Future Neighbors at Coleman Marketplace

  1. paula says:

    I think that coleman market place needs a forever21 in this shopping center

  2. Dan Veasey says:

    You won’t hear my wife complaining about that! Their prices look pretty good too…

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