Nationwide ATM Locations

May 25, 2007

Piedmont Credit Union is part of a nationwide network of credit unions who waive each others ATM fees! There are more than 2,200 ATM’s at other credit unions across the country that PCU members may use completely for free up to three times per month. There are hundreds in Virginia alone. The network is called CUhere and there is an Online ATM Locator at (See screen shot at the end of this post)

So next time you plan a trip look to see if there are any ATM’s where you are going that you can use for free! Remember that when using the search tool, check the box that says CU Here Surcharge Free Program.


One Child’s Imagination

May 18, 2007

Last week at the Piedmont Credit Union Annual Meeting, several of our younger members had a good time learning the basics of saving money. The Money Monkey Super Savers kids club is off to a great start!

Money MonkeyOne of the young safari explorers in attendance was my four year old nephew, Aiden. After the meeting he was really excited about coming to the credit union to deposit his $5 voucher into his new account! That’s exactly the reaction we were going for. We want kids to be excited about learning wise habits with their money. Well come to find out, Aiden wasn’t just excited about starting his savings account, he thought he was going to get to work at the credit union too. Just like his Uncle Dan! He was expecting a desk with a computer and probably even some business cards! As much as I would love to have a little helper, there are laws regarding child labor.

My family got a laugh from this story but it made me think a little. What if we all approached our jobs (and lives) with as much enthusiasm and excitement as this four year old? How differently would we use our resources of time and money if our imaginations were the most important ingredient to our corporate and personal planning? Perhaps most of us have not exercised our creative muscles as much as we should or could if we are daring enough? I doubt most employers still encourage the old “bring your child to work day”, too many liability issues these days and most places probably value employee productivity over employee family relationships. But I would love to re-visit that concept. Perhaps children might see things that we do at work and think of ways to do them better? It could help the child see what work life is really like and can help shape who they want to be in life. There’s quite a bit of chatter on the Internet about finding ways to appeal to the younger generation which communicates as much via text messages as they do verbally. Maybe we should try to get them more involved in big decisions? Or maybe we should just require all employees to take an afternoon nap like Aiden and re-energize their creative. That sounds good too! Just some Thursday evening thoughts as I try to go back to sleep.

Good advice for ATM users

May 16, 2007

Midwest Financial Credit Union, in Michigan, has some very good advice on their blog for protecting oneself at the ATM. Click here to read it. Similar advice can be found at CU*

If your Piedmont Credit Union ATM or Debit card gets lost or stolen call our office first. If we’re closed call 1-800-554-8969. If your PCU credit card is lost or stolen call 1-800-991-4964.

2007 Annual Meeting Recap

May 15, 2007

Click here for a slide show.

Last Thursday, May 10, Piedmont Credit Union hosted its 38th Annual Meeting. Everyone had a good time conducting the usual credit union business and spending time with other credit union members.

Congratulations to Matt Nelson and Mildred Watlington who were re-elected to their volunteer positions on our Board of Directors. Welcome and congratulations to Bill Carter who is a newcomer to our Board of Directors. Mr. Carter formerly served as a volunteer director for Cordan FCU. We welcome his insight and leadership to our board.

Volunteers are so important to our credit union. Everyone at PCU certainly hopes that more and more members will take an active role in the operation & oversight of their credit union. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make this year’s meeting a huge success. Thanks to Michelle, Eddie, DeAnne, Russ, Reneé, and Ricky, for helping the Money Monkey Super Savers kids club get off the ground. It was alot of fun. Special thanks to our amazing local magician, Wade Hopkins, who was wonderful! His show is great for audiences of all ages.

If you missed the meeting complete with food, fellowship, elections, bingo, a magic show, and its own safari adventure; then please browse through our slide show here. On behalf of all the credit union staff and volunteers, we can’t wait for another prosperous year for our members and our credit union!

7 Ways to “Trick out” your NetBranch Experience

May 9, 2007

First of all I admit that I am probably just a bit too old to use the word “Trick out”. Recently after balancing my checkbook I looked into what options were present in PCU’s NetBranch. I was pleased to find some features that I think are worth mentioning. Here’s a brief description of them.

  1. Auto Transfers. This feature is self explaining. There are lots of ways to customize it with different frequencies, ending dates, and such. A great way to make sure your savings gets to savings before you spend it!
  2. Account Names. You can give friendly names to your accounts. This helpful for those of us who don’t think in account numbers. It’s also good if you have multiple children’s accounts that you send money to.(BTW:New kids club coming soon!)
  3. MFA Preferences. You can choose your own login graphic, passphrase, and questions. There are hundreds of images to choose from.
  4. Dial-up Options. If you have a slow Internet connection you can tell NetBranch not to show the standard graphics which makes it load a bit faster.
  5. BillPay Alerts. Here I found what I thought were the most intriguing customizable features. Our BillPay service has a nice e-Notification feature. It can send out alerts or status reports to your email or even to your mobile phone via a text message!
  6. BillPay Gift Reminders. You can use BillPay for much more than bills. Reminders can be setup for almost any occasion to remind you to send a gift.(Mother’s Day is this weekend!) There is also a pre-loaded list of popular charities.
  7. BillPay Startup Page. If you would rather not schedule payments to be made automatically, you might want your initial screen to be a list of your bills so you can quickly choose the one you want to pay. If you have all your bills pre-scheduled to be paid then you may want your BillPay start page to show a list of recent and pending payments which is the default setting. There is also a Calendar view option.

Just some ideas on how to make your NetBranch experience more personal and friendly. If you have any suggestions from your experience, or things to add that I might have missed, feel free to share them.

Math teachers, don’t you wish you’d thought of this?

May 3, 2007

Someone has come up with a brilliant and very cute gimmick. is selling theoretical slices of the mathematical constant Pi. They’re selling each individual digit of Pi and since Pi goes on infinitely they are assured that they will never run out of stock. Each digit costs it’s face value, so right now the 91st digit “5” is for sale for $5. When you purchase your slice they in turn give you a link to a website of your choice on their site and you get to choose what color your digit appears in on their website which shows the first 1000 digits displayed on the first page. They even have a list of pideas for getting the most out of your slice of Pi.

Annual Meeting and New Benefits for PCU Members

May 2, 2007

Next Thursday, May 10, 2007, Piedmont Credit Union will host its 38th Annual Meeting. Over the years this has always been a fun time with Bingo, Prizes, fellowship with other credit union members, and of course important credit union business such as the election of board members. This year there are some added perks at the meeting!

For the first time this century we will kick off a kid’s savings club. It’s called the Money Monkey Super Savers. At the annual meeting our young savers (and the young at heart) will have a stomping good time on a coin hunt through the jungle with Money Monkey and Mr. Higgins, the safari guide! It’ll all be followed up with an amazing magic show.

For our grown up savers there are some good perks too. Sam’s Club will be at the meeting and they’ve promised some good deals this time since a new Danville Sam’s Club is on the drawing board. Also Sylvan Learning Center will be on site offering great discounts to credit union members for their services. For PCU members their testing fee is a flat $100(compared to the regular $125 – $180). They will also waive the $50 registration fee and give PCU members a 5% discount on monthly tuition. To contact Sylvan email them here or call (434)799-6900.

Of course there will still be the usual fun with bingo, credit union business and reports, and getting to know your fellow credit union members and employees. There is a cost to attend(that offsets the cost of the steak and chicken dinner! Did I mention there was a get steak and chicken dinner?) Pricing details below:

  • Members and Joint Members,$6.
  • Non-members, $12.50.
  • Children 12 and under who are members eat free!
  • Children 12 and under who are not members, $6.

Just call or come by the office to purchase a ticket and then enjoy the fun next Thursday, May 10, 2007 at 6:00pm at the Danville Community Market.