7 Ways to “Trick out” your NetBranch Experience

First of all I admit that I am probably just a bit too old to use the word “Trick out”. Recently after balancing my checkbook I looked into what options were present in PCU’s NetBranch. I was pleased to find some features that I think are worth mentioning. Here’s a brief description of them.

  1. Auto Transfers. This feature is self explaining. There are lots of ways to customize it with different frequencies, ending dates, and such. A great way to make sure your savings gets to savings before you spend it!
  2. Account Names. You can give friendly names to your accounts. This helpful for those of us who don’t think in account numbers. It’s also good if you have multiple children’s accounts that you send money to.(BTW:New kids club coming soon!)
  3. MFA Preferences. You can choose your own login graphic, passphrase, and questions. There are hundreds of images to choose from.
  4. Dial-up Options. If you have a slow Internet connection you can tell NetBranch not to show the standard graphics which makes it load a bit faster.
  5. BillPay Alerts. Here I found what I thought were the most intriguing customizable features. Our BillPay service has a nice e-Notification feature. It can send out alerts or status reports to your email or even to your mobile phone via a text message!
  6. BillPay Gift Reminders. You can use BillPay for much more than bills. Reminders can be setup for almost any occasion to remind you to send a gift.(Mother’s Day is this weekend!) There is also a pre-loaded list of popular charities.
  7. BillPay Startup Page. If you would rather not schedule payments to be made automatically, you might want your initial screen to be a list of your bills so you can quickly choose the one you want to pay. If you have all your bills pre-scheduled to be paid then you may want your BillPay start page to show a list of recent and pending payments which is the default setting. There is also a Calendar view option.

Just some ideas on how to make your NetBranch experience more personal and friendly. If you have any suggestions from your experience, or things to add that I might have missed, feel free to share them.

One Response to 7 Ways to “Trick out” your NetBranch Experience

  1. Jim Bruene says:

    Another insightful post. Keep up the great work Dan.

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