Flying Tomatos

From the Piedmont Credit Union email inbox:

We received an email coupon yesterday from “The Flying Tomato”. It’s a new restaurant in what used to be “The Gaslight Grill” which used to be something else, which used to be “The Ground Round” which I think used to be something else. Perhaps The Flying Tomato will out live its predecessors. The email said it was ok to share the coupon with as many people as we would like. So here it is in pdf format. Click here to download.

I have not been there to eat yet but I love Italian food. I think, with this coupon, that I’ll take my wife there on her birthday next week. My only question is, “If the service is bad, do we get to throw tomatos?”

Updated June 26, 2007: We went there and enjoyed our meal. Click here for my review on

Updated July 13, 2007: Just got word from Tom, our CU President , that he took his mother-in-law there and it was closed! I think that’s a new record for this location that has been home to so many restaurants.

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