PiedmontCU.org gets an update

This week our website received an update. The chalkboard and apple theme is the same as before and it keeps with the educational roots of our credit union. The NetBranch login is still in the top left area beneath the PCU logo. New features include:

  1. A simpler site navigation menu. (beneath the chalkboard & apple)
  2. RSS feeds for PCU Rates and PCU News.
  3. A Quicklinks drop-down menu for easy access to commonly needed pages.
  4. PCU Mobile. A version of the site formated for small screens like PDA’s and mobile phones. (It hasn’t been tested on phones yet, but looks good on a Palm PDA. This is a work in progress.)
  5. A NetBranch Help Page.
  6. A scrolling window showing recent PCU Member Connect headlines.
  7. Links to other community websites and school websites.
  8. A search engine that works!
  9. A better experience for users who do not have javascript enabled.

Take a look here, www.piedmontcu.org, and let us know what you think. In the future we plan to add a Kid’s area as well as a Resource & Planning Center where members can find information on a variety of topics.



3 Responses to PiedmontCU.org gets an update

  1. nathan waldren says:

    Great new site , I love it . Keep up the GOOD WORK .

  2. Dan Veasey says:

    Thanks for your comment Nathan. Glad you like it!

    One more update: The links that used to be at the top of the page to “Login to NetBranch” and “Sign up for NetBranch” have been put back. They are located on the green menu bar that appears at the very top of the page.

  3. Dan, I love the new site. You have done a awesome job not only with the site but with the marketing. Now if only you could get me a raise then that would be FANTASTIC!!!

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