Classic Computers and the CU Movement

Some people might remember the old computApple 1er used in this ad which appears on It is an Apple 1, the original model sold by Apple Computer. While Apple’s legendary story was before my time, I can still trace back my affinity of technology and computers to my experiences with with an Apple II in elementary and middle school. I wonder if 30 years from now the computers, laptops, PDA’s, and iPhones of today will look as antiquated as this wooden computer? Maybe wood is ready for a comeback? This would really prove the argument that Apple was ahead of it’s time.

Something else that is ready for a comeback or a resurgence is the credit union movement. In the last 10 months 11 local business have begun to offer PCU to their employees. These are all businesses that are too small to support their own credit union. What will the credit union look like in 30 years? That’s up to our members. And that’s the beautiful thing about credit unions. Members(You) can can exercise their ownership and get involved in the operation of the credit union. With everyone contributing in some way or another we can rest assured that our credit union will always stay relevant to our members and meet their needs.

FYI: While visiting Stuart Elementary School this morning what do you suppose that I found gracing the wall the Kindergarden classroom? Three Apple IIe computers and one Apple IIgs! These old computers are still helping to inspire children.


2 Responses to Classic Computers and the CU Movement

  1. Dan,

    I love that I’m commenting on your blog on my MacBookPro from the deck of a cruise ship on my way to France. What WILL the credit unions look like in 30 years? You are so right – it’s up to the members. Thank you for reminding us that we are the owners!


  2. retro says:

    I just love the classics!

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