Traveling Overseas?

Visiting another country can be a very rewarding and enlightening experience.  Just ask my father-in-law who went to Honduras on a medical missions trip last Spring and plans to go again next year.  With VISA being accepted virtually everywhere it’s very convenient to simply use a debit or credit card and not worry about carrying cash that usually has to be exchanged for local currency anyway.  (You usually pay a fee for that too.)  Recently our credit union had a member who was traveling overseas and was using his debit card for some big purchases.  Every time a Piedmont Card is used overseas we get a phone call from our card processor to find out if the transaction is legitimate or not.  The card is automatically frozen until they hear back from us.  In fact in some countries that have a reputation for being hotbeds of fraud and identity theft, Piedmont cards will not work at all without special attention from us.

So if you are planning an overseas trip and you expect to use your debit card, just give us a call to let us know so we won’t turn your card off when you try and use it.  Of course if your card is lost or stolen you can call a toll free number that can be found on our website, which can be viewed anywhere in the world!

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