Watch Your Speed.

Danville PDDanville’s finest have been cracking down on speeders on Piney Forest Road lately. There was a driver pulled over in our parking lot this morning. I was one of these being pulled over about 7 years ago for going 45mph. The speed limit is actually 30mph so please drive safely on your way to the credit union. There is also a stop sign at the intersection of Boxwood and Old Piney Forest Rd. It’s easy to run that too and in the past that has been a hot spot for our good police officers to issue those little yellow reminders.

On another traffic note, there are plans to install a new traffic light at the intersection of Boxwood and Central Blvd. This is where the main entrance to Coleman Marketplace will be. A light should greatly help our visitors to Piedmont Credit Union. On busy mornings and afternoons turning left across Central Blvd. feels more like an Indiana Jones stunt!

2 Responses to Watch Your Speed.

  1. Grover Haynes says:

    Old Piney Forest Rd. does not connect to Boxwood! Old Piney Forest Rd. is behind KFC restaurant and runs from Piney Forest Rd to Keens Mill Rd. The road you are refering to is simply Piney Forest Rd . Ask the fire department.

  2. Dan Veasey says:

    Oops! Grover you’re right! Thanks for correcting that.

    You have to watch your speed behind KFC too. I think it’s 25mph through there and police cars have been seen sitting in that church parking lot from time to time.

    Well I guess I’ve blown my chances of ever driving a taxi in Danville!

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