A Brief Guide to Billpay Features, Part 1

This week our Online Bill-pay received a few updates including some new features and just a few things might look a bit different than before. There really aren’t any sweeping changes to the way transactions are processed. It is as reliable as ever and best of all it is still free! Probably the most obvious change is the former “Make a Single Payment” screen. Here is an example of what it used to look like:

Old Style of Single Payment

Once you selected the dot beside “Bill” it showed all your payees below. Then you had to choose a single payee and scroll down to the “Next” button at the bottom.

The new screen layout is not much different. When you click on the Payments menu and then choose “Single Payment” as shown here…

Single Payment

…it immediately shows you all of your payees listed on the left sidebar. You can simply scroll down the list and select which bills you want to pay during this Billpay session. As you click each bill it will appear in the center of the screen as shown here:

New Style Single Payment

When you have selected all your bills to pay and typed in the amount and date to send payment, simply click on “Next” at the bottom. Then you will see the familiar screen which asks you to verify the details of these payments. The only difference is that now Billpay lets you pay more than one bill at a time.

If you would like some help with any of the new features you may call Billpay support at 1-888-221-0163, use the live chat feature in Billpay, or contact me at the credit union. Just for fun I locked myself out of billpay and called the toll-free support. I was on-hold for about 60 seconds and when the agent answered she was quick, friendly, and efficient at getting me logged back on. She did ask me a few challenge phrases though, so be sure that you know them. They can be reset if you need them to.

Over the next few days I’ll follow up this post with one or two more which highlight the other new features such as email payments, transfer accounts and challenge phrases.


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