2nd Annual Southside Show-Biz Tradeshow

Danville’s 2nd Annual Southside Show-Biz Tradeshow was packed with fun and excitement yesterday. Our booth was themed after the movie Casino Royale, the most recent James Bond film. Our guests could view a short slideshow of “007 Reasons to Join PCU”. They also played our roulette wheel to win chocolate casino chips and their choice of PCU prizes. (99% of our guests won! If one person wins everyone wins because that’s just how credit unions work. They benefit everyone who participates.) Those who landed on “00” even got to go on a Top Secret Mission to decipher the hidden clues on our website. Of course we remind you never to play such games with real money. Save your real money at the credit union! Thank you to all our members who stopped by to say hello and win a prize. I hope others who stopped by will also take a moment to see what our credit union has to offer.

Many business whose employees may join our credit union were on display too. I did not get the chance to visit many other booths but here are the ones I recall. If I missed any let me know!

The newspaper reports that several hundred people attended from the community and over 70 area business participated. (They even published a photo of me in my Casino garb!)

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