Athletic Excellence Just Around the Corner

Hargrave Post Grad FootballHere’s a little known fact about the Dan River Region. The town of Chatham is home to a very prestigious preparatory school called Hargrave Military Academy. Today I had the pleasure of meeting their Post-Graduate football coach, Robert Prunty. Coach Prunty took some time to explain the Post-Graduate program to me. It is a program designed to give extra personal, educational, and athletic development to athletes before they enter college. Their players keep all their years of college playing eligibility while at the same time competing against college level teams and taking classes to prepare them for college.

This one year program has a long list of great players who have gone on to play in college and many in the NFL as well. Several of them were first round draft picks. (One of whom plays for my favorite team, Carlos Rogers of the Washington Redskins.) The school website also tells of many other prominent alumni who have graduated from Hargrave. There are U.S. Congressmen, CEO’s of major companies, high ranking military officers and public service leaders to name a few. Hargrave is clearly committed to excellence in all aspects of life. Here’s a quote from their website:

Since 1909, Hargrave has cared for the development of young men guided by these concepts. While our campus has grown and evolved, the caring and earnest desire to see young people better themselves remains the same. We do not promise miracles. Rather, Hargrave prides itself on the small, often hard-won achievements found within each graduate.

“Stong in Mind. Strong in Body.” That’s their school motto and it certainly appears that they’re living up to it.

One Response to Athletic Excellence Just Around the Corner

  1. CU Communicator says:

    Dan –

    Thanks for sharing this – it seems so often we hear about the unseemly things that especially pro athletes do (as an Atlanta Falcon fan, I know this all too well) … it’s nice to be reminded that there are people who help develop character and integrity in the lives of young people.

    Keep up the good work, Hargrave!

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