The Market, a Refreshing Little Grocery Store

The other day I had the pleasure of visiting The Market, The Marketwhich is a part of Dan Valley Food Service(which is also a member group of Piedmont CU). The store didn’t feel like a typical grocery store. It felt like I was walking into the past, like I was following my mom around Chuck’s Supermarket in early 1980’s downtown Sandston, VA, only on a bigger scale. I guess I’ve been going to major grocers and using self checkout so much that I’d forgotten what it’s like to shop at a more down to Earth store run by real people who live in the same town as me. The selection was good, the prices were better than most stores. The customer service was outstanding. If you live on the East side of Danville or in Ringgold I’d highly recommend stopping by, it could probably reduce your regular grocery bill. They’re located on Kentuck Road just past the Intertape plant.

I see our credit union in sort of the same light at this store. We’re not the big national bank or a even a giant-sized credit union, but we work everyday to serve our members, offering good, affordable financial services that will benefit them. At first, most people are surprised when they see the long list of quality services we offer. That’s how I felt when visiting the Market. After one visit I’m a fan. So thanks to all our fans who help to make our credit union great place to be part of! But if you’ve never given us the chance to earn your business I hope you’ll soon give us that chance. Or if you used to be a fan and something went wrong, I hope you’ll give us a second chance to make it right.

Have a Merry Christmas!

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