Online Tax Preparation

Well, the dancing Statue of Liberty is out again this year on Piney Forest Road(photo forthcoming if she’ll pose for me). She’s advertising Liberty Tax Service. Personally I think it’s very cute, though slightly distracting to drivers.  Also back for it’s sophomore year is our link to Turbo Tax Online. This is an online version of their self-prepared tax software. They actually have one option that says it’s free! It doesn’t include state tax preparation though. I figure that it’s good service if your taxes aren’t too complicated. I’ve always been impressed at the intuitiveness of the Turbo Tax for Windows product.

I used Turbo Tax for Windows for several years when things were pretty simple. But now after getting married, buying a house, having kids, finishing a basement, and now paying substantial amounts for medical expenses and health insurance, I’m going to stick with the friend who did them for me last year. (Note: Taxes and Accounting are his full-time job, not just something he does on the side.) I guess I’m the type who will sacrifice a little on the price when it promotes a local business or helps a friend.

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