We Need a Truck-Load of Money! Literally.

When I first heard the name “God’s Pit Crew” I thought, “What in the world is that about?” Not being a big NASCAR fan the name didn’t really resound with me. However, when I found out who they are and what all they do, I thought, “Now that is simply incredible” and I was moved to tears at their presentation.

Here’s who they are. They’re unpaid volunteers, over 200 of ’em. They’re all gifted helpers and with their combined knowledge & skill they know how to do or build just about anything. They believe in giving their time, energy, & resources towards making other people’s lives better.

Here’s what they do. When tornadoes and big storms come through anywhere around the Southern US devastating entire communities; When homes and churches are in disrepair; When local charities and food banks are low on resources; When economic hardship has sucked the life out of small towns; When people’s lives are de-railed and there seems to be no hope… God’s Pit Crew comes and injects hope into hopeless situations. Their slogan says it all, “Helping People Get Their Lives Back On Track!”

They don’t receive any profits at all for what they do. They do it completely based on faith and the financial support of ordinary people, mostly locals. They get great publicity when tragedy strikes far away and they make the big trip to rebuild places. But equally as impressive is the long list of local work they have done to benefit Southside Virginia and nearby areas in North Carolina. They have a long list of pictures, videos, and letters of thanks on their website, www.godspitcrew.org.

This summer Piedmont Credit Union is heading up a campaign to help God’s Pit Crew purchase a new dually pickup truck. They will use it to haul people and supplies all over the South. We’re calling it “Dollars for Dually”. It’s simple how it works. If you have some dollars we’re asking you to put some in the truck. Literally. The truck will be located at the credit union and other various locations with the window cracked just enough for money to fit through. Several local businesses also have donation canisters at their locations. For more information or to donate online please visit the website www.DollarsForDually.com. Below is a video excerpt of Randy Johnson speaking recently at our credit union’s annual meeting.

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