Our Heartfelt Condolences…

On behalf of Piedmont Credit Union our hearts go out to the family, friends, and co-workers of Samuel Massie.

Samuel Massie, 1954-2008

Samuel Massie, 1954-2008

Below are links to the Register & Bee articles about him.  As a teacher and principal he was a faithful educator devoted to the betterment of his students.  He touched many many lives in our community.  Read more about him here and here.

3 Responses to Our Heartfelt Condolences…

  1. Kimberly J. Hairston says:

    Mr. Massie was a huge part of my young life. He is a big part of who I have grown to become, a true inspiration and motivator in my and many other’s lives. He will truly be missed!

  2. Princess Kelly says:

    I knew Mr. Massie my whole life and indeed he was a great leader. He was close to my family and will truly be missed. The world needs more men like him. My love to the Massies.

  3. Marquerite T. Womack says:

    Mr. Massie was truly an angel. It was because of him I was given another chance and was able to go back to school and receive my high school diploma. Even though I moved and didn’t complete school in Danville, he kept contact with me to make sure I continued on the right track. I thank him for that and he’s made a big impact on my life as well as others. There will never be another Massie but I wish more teachers and principals would take more interest in their students lives like he did.

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