Welcome New Teachers!

School is just about ready to start!  There are hundreds of new teachers and educators about to start new careers in Southside VA classrooms.  Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting the Henry County New Teacher Orientation held at Magna Vista High School.  They appear to be a very good group of people.

One person I met is Miguel, a Spanish teacher.  In speaking with him I found that he has traveled the world and was once a lawyer in his home country of Spain before teaching in the U.S.  I don’t doubt that his overall life experiences will make him a wonderful teacher and a favorite among students.  Then there was Mrs. Layne, a returning Henry County teacher, who I found looking up at the list of students who have received academic honors over the years.  I asked if any of her kids were up there.  She proudly said “Yes, quite a few”.  Upon finding out that she taught English I told her my story about how I did very poorly in high school English.  However, I learned much more about English (and about life in general) from those classes in which my teachers challenged me and made me suffer the consequences of half-hearted work.  (Thanks Mr. Raferty!)

There were other teachers I met both new and returning.  Magna Vista High School is nestled in a beautiful part of Virginia.  They even have a really nice greenhouse where they grow plants and flowers for sale.  I bought a lovely Caladium for $2!!!

Here are a few flickr photos from the New Teacher Orientation.

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