Bed Bugs!

In regards to this AP article about Bed Bugs which ran in the Danville Register & Bee the other day:   The article only focused on pesticides to control the little blood sucking pests, but there is another non-checmical alternative.  There’s a store in Roxboro, NC which has an oven specially designed for ‘cooking’ matresses.  It cooks them at 240 degrees for 2 hours effectively killing anything that might be living inside.  It’s located at E-Plus Thrift Flea Market Shop.  Their phone number is (336)599-3438.  It’s only $7.50 per mattress and it can cook pillows too.


One Response to Bed Bugs!

  1. dead bug doug says:

    its interesting to watch all the no pesticides! crowd trying to stop bed bugs . you have no idea what these things can do how they spread, reproduce, ect. in fact your article fails to mention that bedbugs can infest furniture nearby pictures ect. you need to better inform your readers.

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