building.jpgPiedmont Credit Union serves more than 100 schools and over 50 businesses in the Dan River Region. Piedmont Credit Union is a member owned cooperative that is run by a

volunteer, elected Board of Directors. It is not for profit, and the same personal service and great pricing that marked the credit union in the 20th Century still mark it in the 21st Century! It is a great pleasure for all of the staff and volunteers at Piedmont Credit Union to serve our members and we can’t wait to see what’s ahead!

About our Contributors

My name is Dan Veasey. I am responsible for the educational, marketing, and business development efforts of Piedmont Credit Union. I have been with PCU since August 2006. My credit union experience began in November 1998 at another local credit union where I served in several different capacities. I’ve done teller transactions, made loans, installed network servers and hardware, designed branches, developed software, performed financial counseling, and alot of other stuff too.

Of credit unions I believe that they are one of the greatest accomplishments of mankind. I once saw a quote that I wish I could put my hands on, it said something like this:

“No other system except the church has done so much to help people as credit unions.”

In my experience working for credit unions I have seen this lived out. It is my hope that our credit union will always strive to truly benefit each of our members in whatever way we can. It is my passion to see our members prosper financially.


5 Responses to About

  1. Amy Banks Pretty says:

    I’m sure you will remember me. I use to work at URW#831 MFCU as Member Services II and did ATM’s. I married in May 2000 to David. Michael Farley’s(Lyn’s husband) cousin.

    The Playing with LEGO Blog is about my niece Mandy Matherly. I am so proud of her I know she will do well in life. She has accomplished so much in a short time.

    It great to see you out there your web site looks great!
    Amy Pretty

  2. Dan Veasey says:

    Amy!!!!!! Yeah I was just thinking about you last week. Renee and I were talking about how old we’re all getting! One of my first credit union memories was Lyn’s 30th birthday party in 1999.

    And I don’t know if its a small world or just a small town but Renee used to work with Morgan Hall’s mom. I’ll email you tomorrow.

  3. Amy Banks Pretty says:

    Glad you got this yeah let’s keep in touch. I will be at the Lego Build off I plan to stay the whole time. I look forward to see you and Renee and the little one there. I hope you can make it.

  4. Dan,

    Was great to meet you in Asheville! I love having another person to bounce ideas off of…even my bad ones! 🙂

  5. Kevin Jepson says:

    Hello Dan,

    I write the monthly Technology Report for Credit Union Journal. I’m writing a story about credit union blogs, and I wonder if you might be available to offer your perspective.

    If you agree, I can send you my questions via email, or, if you prefer, we can interview via telephone.

    Thank you,


    Kevin Jepson
    Technology Correspondent
    Credit Union Journal

    This reply and any files transmitted with it are confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed.

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