2008 Annual Meeting Recap

May 12, 2008

Well I tried to start a recap of our 39th Annual Meeting the night after the meeting but all I could think about was the big Dan River Mills Long Mill Fire. So here is the official Annual Meeting recap: There wasn’t much business to discuss this year. So we mainly focused on celebrating a good year last year and looking towards the future. There was a good meal with good company. Randy Johnson of God’s Pit Crew shared from his heart about the great work they do both at home and abroad for people in need. Wade Hopkins once again amazed kids and adults alike with his great magic tricks. The kids also played a life-sized game of Payday. I was really impressed by the kids who played. They made great decisions with their money and didn’t fall for any the bum deals I threw in.

Here’s a short 3 minute video of our 2008 Annual Meeting.

Thanks for being a member of the credit union! Next year’s will be our credit union’s 40th Anniversary. Ideas for a big celebration are welcomed!


One Child’s Imagination

May 18, 2007

Last week at the Piedmont Credit Union Annual Meeting, several of our younger members had a good time learning the basics of saving money. The Money Monkey Super Savers kids club is off to a great start!

Money MonkeyOne of the young safari explorers in attendance was my four year old nephew, Aiden. After the meeting he was really excited about coming to the credit union to deposit his $5 voucher into his new account! That’s exactly the reaction we were going for. We want kids to be excited about learning wise habits with their money. Well come to find out, Aiden wasn’t just excited about starting his savings account, he thought he was going to get to work at the credit union too. Just like his Uncle Dan! He was expecting a desk with a computer and probably even some business cards! As much as I would love to have a little helper, there are laws regarding child labor.

My family got a laugh from this story but it made me think a little. What if we all approached our jobs (and lives) with as much enthusiasm and excitement as this four year old? How differently would we use our resources of time and money if our imaginations were the most important ingredient to our corporate and personal planning? Perhaps most of us have not exercised our creative muscles as much as we should or could if we are daring enough? I doubt most employers still encourage the old “bring your child to work day”, too many liability issues these days and most places probably value employee productivity over employee family relationships. But I would love to re-visit that concept. Perhaps children might see things that we do at work and think of ways to do them better? It could help the child see what work life is really like and can help shape who they want to be in life. There’s quite a bit of chatter on the Internet about finding ways to appeal to the younger generation which communicates as much via text messages as they do verbally. Maybe we should try to get them more involved in big decisions? Or maybe we should just require all employees to take an afternoon nap like Aiden and re-energize their creative. That sounds good too! Just some Thursday evening thoughts as I try to go back to sleep.