Watch Your Speed.

October 2, 2007

Danville PDDanville’s finest have been cracking down on speeders on Piney Forest Road lately. There was a driver pulled over in our parking lot this morning. I was one of these being pulled over about 7 years ago for going 45mph. The speed limit is actually 30mph so please drive safely on your way to the credit union. There is also a stop sign at the intersection of Boxwood and Old Piney Forest Rd. It’s easy to run that too and in the past that has been a hot spot for our good police officers to issue those little yellow reminders.

On another traffic note, there are plans to install a new traffic light at the intersection of Boxwood and Central Blvd. This is where the main entrance to Coleman Marketplace will be. A light should greatly help our visitors to Piedmont Credit Union. On busy mornings and afternoons turning left across Central Blvd. feels more like an Indiana Jones stunt!