Hats Off to Elementary Teachers

October 23, 2007

Last week as I sat quietly during faculty meetings at Kentuck Elementary School and Brosville Elementary School, I watched teachers express their ideas, concerns, and solutions to the issues facing their schools and their students. During this time I realized that I can recall by name and face every one of my elementary school teachers along with memories from their classes. Elementary school teachers make such a profound influence on children. Seeing today’s teachers tackle the difficult issues at these faculty meetings only makes me have even more respect and admiration for them.

So here’s my own personal elementary school hall of fame.

  • In kindergarten there was Mrs. Adams and another teacher who left due to pregnancy. This was my first experience seeing a pregnant woman. I also remember my older brother and I making an erector set model of a spaceship for show and tell.
  • In first grade there was Mrs. Martin. It was here that I learned to read and write. These are quite possibly the two most important skills a human being can learn.
  • In second grade I had Mrs. Lifsey. She had a very nice smile. I remember getting in trouble because of telling a lie to her once. I used that story recently to explain to my daughter the importance of telling the truth and the consequences of telling a lie.
  • In third grade there was Mrs. Bush. Michelle Eberhard and I were the only two students in the class to make perfect scores on our multiplication tables. She was also very compassionate when I developed a sinus condition and had to change seats.
  • In fourth grade Mrs. King always had us start the day with singing. She had a wonderful operatic voice and taught us every patriotic song under the sun. My favorite at the time was You’re a Grand Old Flag. (And she never assigned homework!)
  • Finally fifth grade was marked by the Challenger explosion. Mrs. Tyree(who did assign lots of homework) let us skip class that day to watch the news coverage.

So my hat is off to the elementary school teachers of yesterday and today! The impact you have is truly special. Thank you for making a difference by helping students develop into the model citizens of tomorrow.