Guide to Billpay Features, Part 2, Email Payments

October 16, 2007

Even though I work at the credit union I rarely visit a teller to get cash or make deposits. Now, I love our tellers, they’re wonderful people! I just don’t think about my own finances at work. So I can’t count the times I’ve carried my wife’s paycheck around in my front pocket for several days before finally just leaving it in the night drop box! (Direct deposit is not an option for her.)

Last weekend I owed a friend $40 for a used computer monitor. As usual I had no cash except my weekly pittance from refereeing volleyball. So I got his email address and told him I wanted to try out this new service of my credit union’s billpay, Email Payments. It really was quite easy to setup both on my end and his. From the “Add Payee” screen IAdd Person simply chose to “Add a Person” on the left sidebar, then entered his name, email, phone number. After doing that it prompted me for a challenge phrase to make sure it was me. Then I entered a Keyword that I shared with my friend so that he could setup his half of the transaction.

Finally there was one more security step to complete and that was to activate the new payee. When I clicked “Activate Payee Now” it asked if I wanted to get the activation code in my email, text message, or telephone call. I chose email. Billpay then showed a place to enter the activation code and instructed me to check my email. About 30 seconds later I was typing the code in from my email and everything was done. Later that night I received an email from billpay stating that my friend had completed the steps to receive my payment. Now I can send him money anytime I want! He runs Essentials Plus-The Flea Market Shoppe in Roxboro, NC so I might actually keep him listed as a payee. This is a great feature for sending money to friends and family. Especially for those of us who don’t keep alot of cash on hand.