New Advantage Cards are Here!

March 20, 2008

The Advantage Card is a must have for every wallet or purse in Danville, or southside Virginia. It’s free and contains discounts for all sorts of things. We’ve been including it with every spring quarterly account statement for several years now. This year’s card is not all that different from last year’s. It still has every Mexican restaurant in Danville, and many Italian restaurants too. There’s a discount for Caswell Pines Gold Club, One Stop Cellular, Martinizing Dry Cleaners, Sterling Optical, and many others. The only newcomers to the list are AAA Transmissions, Smith-Stokes car dealership, Aaron’s, and Bronx Boy Bagels (which I hear is quite a hit with the school board employees who work across the street from it).

Below are front/back images of the card. You’ll get one in your next Piedmont CU statement, or we’ll have them at the office too.

Advantage Card - Front

Advantage Card - Back

You can also download and print your own Advantage Cards from As of 3-20-08 the new cards are not online yet.  But drop by our office and we’ll give you one!

Happy Saving!


Closed for Easter / Holiday Schedules

March 19, 2008

Piedmont Credit Union will be closed on Monday, March 24, 2008. (aka. the day after Easter)

Over the last two or three years our credit union has been adjusting it’s holiday schedule.  Last year it more closely followed the Federal Reserve’s holiday schedule.  In my experience working at smaller credit unions, I’ve found that often the credit union takes the same holidays as it’s sponsor company.  Being founded as a teacher’s credit union, it used to be that we closed the entire week of Christmas & New Year’s, just like schools!   Much to the chagrin of our beloved staff, those days are long gone.  But maybe next year we’ll ask the Board of Directors for Spring Break! 😉