Recession Killer: The Entrepreneur

Amie Teague, the owner of Piedmont Regional Feeding & Oral-Motor Clinic, is choosing not to participate in the current worldwide recession!  Today she hosted an open house to introduce her company to the community and shout about it’s successes.  VA General Assembly Delegate Danny Marshall was among those in attendance.   He spoke a few minutes about entrepreneurial spirit and the success Amie has had with the clinic even through a time when many businesses are failing.

A few years ago Aime started with just a single employee, herself.  Even then she didn’t get paid but put all the revenues back into the business.  She was beginning to get accustomed to all kinds of bankers and bureaucrats telling her that her endeavors would certainly fail!  None of that seems to have mattered as today the Piedmont Regional Feeding & Oral-Motor Clinic employs 15 full time staff who have come from all over the nation to work.   A major point that Mr. Marshall made was that the clinic’s great success was accomplished without any government assistance or funding!  How can this be in an era of government bailouts and economic stimulus plans?  The answer is simple; Hard work, careful planning, diligence, outstanding customer service, committed empoyees, the drive to suceed, and the unstoppable spirit of a true entrepreneur.   One can see these qualities clearly at the Piedmont Regional Feeding & Oral-Motor Clinic.  The more we all embrace them, the sooner our nation and economy will get back on their feet again.


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